The mission statement of Disney Pro Tips is “To help Disney Fans take more magical and affordable Disney World vacations.”

Disney World is truly the most magical place on earth! Our staff of Disney Pros have spent most of their lives dreaming about, researching, planning, and experiencing Disney Vacations.  Their heart and passion is to share this love of WDW (Walt Disney World) with all of the other Disney fans out there.

We want to help in two ways:

  1. Through blog, youtube, and social media content, that reaches a huge worldwide audience, and offers free tips and advice.
  2. This is where it gets really cool: Offering services and interactions for Disney fans to get specific advice about their unique WDW vacations straight from the Disney Pros who have the knowledge and experience to help show people how to capture the Disney World magic!  That’s why we created the Disney Pro Tips VIP membership!



Great question!  Our goal is to have one of the greatest Disney fan communities anywhere. While we do provide, for free, some blog/youtube/etc content for anyone surfing the web, we realized that each Disney Vacation is unique and people were seeking out advice specific to their planning.

So, we created the Disney Pro Tips VIP community, where members have the ability to ask specific questions of our VIPs.  One of the best parts is that VIPs are sharing their vacation experiences so we get realtime updates on new tips and tricks for Disney vacations.  The group is hosted in a closed Facebook group which gives us the ability to have live video Q&As at least 2-3 times a month (most of the time it’s much more).

We have two subscription price options and, currently, we are running an introductory offer.

  1. $9.99/month for a monthly subscription (usually $14.99/mo)
  2. $75 for a year if you pay up front (a savings of more than 35%)

Why is it worth $10?  Well, first of all you’ll save a LOT more than that with the tips you get. Also, as an obsessive Disney fan for my entire life, I’ve found several kinds of FREE Disney sites. Here are the main types:

  1. “Click-Bait” article-sites that rehash the same old outdated 200-word blog posts…. over and over. They bait enough people to click on their articles so they can sell advertising.  Good for them making a living, but you just wind up waisting your time.
  2. Disney travel blogs.  These can be good but often wind up feeling like watching a friends vacation slide show after they return home.  We wanted to create a community where one aspect is us helping people (and they also help each other) customize their Disney World vacations.
  3. Sites run by Disney.  These obviously have big money behind them but fall short on insight and opinion. You always get the cotton candy version of news, and are then often left wondering what the details are and how it might apply to you.
  4. Discussion Forums. Forums are great… I still go to a few when I’m researching something.  The main issues? A. At times, you spend hours and hours researching something only to get opinions so varying that you are right back where you started.. and B. 100% of the time it seems a few jaded personalities take forums over and you wind up feeling like you watched a political debate when you are done.  We make sure our VIP group remains positive and helpful. That’s the whole point!

Our goal was to create a place where you get fun, honest, relevant Disney information that is, as often as possible, customized to YOU.  We know that, by the info you get as  VIP, you’ll save more than the $10 a month (especially on Disney World Vacations).

To us, this is more than a website subscription.  It is an exclusive club for the most dedicated Disney fans.  $10 a month is pretty cheap for a club with continual updates, personalized Disney Pro advice, run by people who want to give their subscribers more than they could have asked for.

I think of it like this… it’s the cost of a cup of lunch!  

Don’t forget, it’s all satisfaction guaranteed, so there is no risk for you! If you feel you didn’t get what you paid for, just let us know in the first 30 days and we’ll gladly refund you!

Every so often we’ll be offering information products (books, video series) that are not a part of the VIP subscription. (Right now we are actually running a promotion where those who pay a year’s VIP subscription up front {for $75} get all of our online courses included FREE!).

Also, we have the option for individual consulting for your Disney World vacation.  Sometimes you just want to be able to talk to an expert one-on-one for a while to plan your vacation out (we don’t act as a travel agent or book/buy anything for you).   This is a premium service and is not included in our Subscription.  Email us at to inquire about the consulting service.

Why would you want to!?  Kidding… Of course, yes you can cancel your subscription.  Just email our team at and we’ll gladly (sadly) help you out with canceling your subscription.

If you are still within 30 days of when you started your subscription, just ask for a refund and we’ll gladly refund you.

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About the Founder

My name is Troy (some folks call me “The Disney Dad”) and I’m the founder of!!  At the age of 6, my big sister took me on my first trip to Walt Disney World. I guess you can say it was love at first sight. Our family was about as middle class as you get so we could save up and head down to see THE mouse every 5 or 6 years.

Fast forward… now I’m over 10 years into a wonderful marriage to my college sweetheart. We added two boys, took a pause, and then a sweet little girl to our family. Life gets a little crazy at times, but we are blessed and grateful for what we’ve been given.

I work in music ministry full time and my wife is in marketing for a local real-estate team. We have both been performing musicians since an early age. Our eye for performing and creativity is something that gives us a unique view on all things DISNEY.

This blog (and the accompanying podcast and social media channels) are all about providing resources to help families, couples, singles… ANYONE… to have spectacular, memorable, and affordable Disney World vacations. I’ve spent endless hours researching everything I can about Disney World, experienced many magical vacations there,  and now I want to teach others.

Thanks for reading and supporting! If you are a fan of Disney, you are a friend of mine!