The Sight That Always Takes My Breath Away

As I write this post, we are about 15 hours from jumping in the van and making the long trek down to Lake Buena Vista, FL.  About halfway down we’ll wave as we scream past “South of the Border” then feel like we are almost there as we cross the line into Florida… only to find we still have a LONG way to go.

The whole ride will be filled with anticipation.  What ride are we most excited to ride?  What new things will we do? How long will it take to get our first dole-whip or Mickey Ears ice-cream bar?

We’ll arrive, groggy, with tight back muscles from sitting too long (and this trip we’ve even worked it that our first day is a resort/pool day, so we feel nice and fresh for our long getaway).

But, MY trip really begins when one particular moment happens.  We’ll roll out of our hotel bed this coming Monday, have a TON to do to get 3 kids ready for a day at a Disney theme-park, squabble a little bit about hurrying up (just being real), and eventually make our way to the monorail.  A quick ride and we’ll be to our destination.

Before we know it, we’ll be scanning magic bands to get through the “turnstiles” and start to hear the music that will make the soundtrack for our day.

We’ll grab a map, or 10, as we walk through the tunnels under the train station, and make our way on to Main Street USA.

As we reach the end, I’ll probably be preoccupied with navigating through a mass of people with a big stroller.. And just like every other time we’ve gone to the Magic Kingdom…

No doubt, I’ll look up, almost surprised that this view still exists.  Occasionally a tear might even sneak up on me as I think of the memories we are making as a family… and there it will be.  It almost doesn’t look real.  Once I see it, I know…

We are in a world of magic… A World where dreams come true.  Or as it says on the arch before as you enter:


Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.





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