What to do INSIDE when it Rains (or Shines) at Disney World: Magic Kingdom

When I picture the perfect Disney World vacation, it brings up images of a blue-sky backdrop for Cinderella’s Castle, the giggles that come from my kids on the Dumbo ride, or even a day lounging by the pool at one of Disney’s resorts.

For some reason my imagination doesn’t devote a lot of time to things that happen indoors.  That actually doesn’t make a lot of sense considering that Disney World has an incredible number of offerings that take place in the comfort of A/C and comfy seating.

It doesn’t take a genius to see why this sort of planning is important in South Florida.  When it’s not hot at Disney World, it’s raining… when it’s not raining, it’s hot… and just about every day you are going to get a bit of both.  It’s very convenient to have places of refuge to get out of the rain or baking sun.

Since I’m so keen on preparing things ahead of time, I thought you might like a few tips on my favorite indoor attractions at Disney World… but I really wanted to focus on the ones that may not be quite as well known.  So, instead of the obvious Space Mountain,  you may see a lesser known attraction like Philharmagic.

I’m going to split this into four blog posts for the 4 different Disney World theme parks.

Part 1: The Disney Dad’s top 5 indoor attractions at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

5. The Carousel of Progress– This attraction is the oldest in all of Disney World and succeeds on at least one main attribute: nostalgia.  As one of the least altered areas of The Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland is really a throwback of what the “future” was supposed to look like as they imagined back in the early 1970s.  The Carousel of Progress has a rich and unique history as it was created for the 1964 World’s Fair by Walt Disney and his company, then moving to Disneyland and eventually Disney World in 1973.  It is one of the only attractions to be touched by Walt Disney himself.


The ride/show takes on you an animatronic journey of what the American family has lived like through the decades.  Focusing mainly on progress and technology and how they’ve changed how we manage the challenges of everyday life.

It’s the perfect attraction to get out of the heat and rest your feet for a bit! Warning: you may be singing about a “…great big beautiful tomorrow” for the rest of the day!

4. The Country Bear Jamboree– This indoor show is a timeless classic the whole family will enjoy.  Animatronic “country” bears put on a musical show filled with comedy and country/bluegrass tunes.  While I would argue the current show isn’t as good as past versions, that is definitely splitting hairs.  Our family loves to relax in a comfy seat in the dark/cool theater for a few minutes and chuckle a few times along the way.

3. The Hall of Presidents– I cannot deny it, I’ve nodded off more than once in this animatronic show… but there is still just something about it.  In a time where it seems we all have to pick apart the things we don’t like about this nation, it’s nice to look back on the people who founded this country and what they fought so hard for.


No, it’s not very realistic… but that’s not really the point.  Whether you feel inspired, or sleepy, the show really does the trick on a rainy or hot day to give everyone a relaxing few moments indoors.

2. Philharmagic– Located centrally in the Fantasyland area, this 3D movie theater experience really keeps the attention of kids of all ages.  It’s a bit like Fantasia, with a good bit more to keep the young ones wide-eyed.  In my opinion, this attraction is more of an afterthought than it should be for most Disney fans.  It harkens back to the foundations of Walt Disney and his love for animation and music.  Philharmagic is a brilliant display of both and should be high on your list, bad weather or not.

1. Enchanted Tails with Belle– One of the Magic Kingdom‘s newer attractions, Enchanted Tales with Belle makes YOU a part of the show! Well, most likely.

It’s fun to be in the show!

Medium sized groups are ushered in to experience this show/attraction in a more intimate setting.  Pretty much all of the willing children… and some adults are asked to be a part of the story, which includes a “real” Belle.  This is an outstanding way to get to meet Belle and take pictures with her.  If I told you a lot more, it may spoil the experience.  Hop inside with your family and you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face when you leave!


Others not to forget: Space Mountain, People Mover, Mickey/Princess/Fantasyland Character Meet&Greets, 

Do you have any favorite attractions or special spots to get in from the rain or heat?  I’d love to hear your suggestions or critiques.. What’s in your top 5??!!

2 thoughts on “What to do INSIDE when it Rains (or Shines) at Disney World: Magic Kingdom”

  1. Great post as always. Pirates of the Caribbean is always a good place to hide from the elements. I know they updated it with Johnny Depp, but it still needs something else. More along the lines of Black Sails. More than the rides, I think the shows are the best place to hide from weather. Your wait is sometimes inside and out of the elements. And if the rain is part of a thunderstorm, some rides may shut down.
    Like you I love the Hall, rain or shine, and sleep is definitely an option there, and the Carousel is a great way to relax, especially if it’s not busy and you can stretch out in your car. Part of packing for Disney with the kids was bring a rain coat because at some point you will get wet. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks John! Great additions! You’re so right about pirates… It’s a great way to get a wonderful ride experience out of the elements.

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